Maintenance Programmes

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One of the major causes of exterior plaster cladding breakdown is a result of very little or no maintenance during the cladding’s life.

Sometimes even a wash down once a year is not enough to stop moss/mould from forming on the surface which is normally quite textured.

PlasterCare NZ Ltd can cure this problem by putting together a detailed maintenance programme for your home.

We will undertake a survey of the exterior of your home to note;

  • Which areas are subject to a lot shade.
  • Areas that receive a lot of sun.
  • Critical detail junctions that could cause cracking.
  • Ground clearance.
  • Hairline cracking.


We will then make a recommendation to address any issues plus a quotation, if required.

This will not only solve any immediate problems but ensure the integrity and maximum durability of the exterior cladding.